Paper Submission

Regular Papers

Paper submission will be handled through CMT. The submission link is

Please note that by default the CMT system does not send confirmation emails after paper submission. To verify your submission, you can re-log into the system to check your submission files.

Step by Step Instructions to Submit your Paper

  1. Go to the paper submission web site:
  2. You'll see a dialog box below. If you are new to the system, please choose "Sign up here" at the bottom of the dialog box: CMT
  3. Follow the wizard to finish the registration. Upon finishing, you’ll have an account in the system.
  4. Log into the system using your registered account info (email address and password).
  5. The first time when you log on, you’ll be asked to enter your conflict of domains. Please add the conflict domains for you and all of your co-authors such as (;
  6. You will see the submission page. Please read “Welcome Message from Chair” carefully.
  7. Fill out the submission form: ”Title And Abstract”, “Authors”, “Subject Areas”, etc. For the Subject areas, you can only choose one primary subject area. You can choose multiple secondary subject areas. For each paper, it is requested to enter ONE primary subject area, and any number of secondary subject areas. Each special session is considered as a subject area. All special sessions are open to all authors. If you want to submit your paper to a special session, you are asked to indicate the name of the special session you are submitting to as the PRIMARY subject area. If the special session organizers decide that a paper is not a good fit to the special session, the paper will be moved to the regular paper pool.
  8. Answer the additional question regarding whether your paper is double-blind or not. The purpose is to remind you to follow the double-blind rule.
  9. Click on “Submit” button.