Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Each full paper in an oral session is allocated 18 minutes. This includes time for questions from the audience, session-chair introductions and any set up that is not completed in advance. To achieve appropriate timing, organize your slides around the points you intend to make, using no more than one slide per minute. Be prepared to begin your presentation as soon as the prior presenter has finished; it is important to keep on schedule.

Your presentation can be uploaded on the conference center facilities (both PDF and PPT file formats are allowed with preference for PDF to avoid font issues). For the main conference oral presentations the upload must be done through the Slide Center that will be opened for all the duration of the conference. Workshop oral presentation can be uploaded directly on the PC (MS Windows OS) available in each lecture room. As an alternative you can use your own laptop with the VGA connection available in each lecture room (bring with you proper adaptor if your laptop does not have VGA plug). It is recommended to test the presentation materials, e.g. video and audio, as well as your laptop in advance of the session to ensure compatibility. It is a good idea to have your presentation material on a memory stick as a backup even if you plan to use your own laptop. Each room will have personnel that can help to provide technical support

Presenters are requested to be present in the room at least 10 minutes before the start of their session and introduce themselves to the session chair.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Authors need to stand by their posters during the sessions which enable presenters to discuss research and development with the audience and to gain feedback as well as to establish potential contacts.

Posters should be prepared using A0 paper size with portrait orientation as shown in the table:

Poster Size Width x Height (mm) Width x Height (in)
A0 841 x 1189 mm 33.1 x 46.8 in

In each poster session, posters are assigned unique poster ID, which should match the poster locations. Please put up your poster during the break before your session starts, and take it down immediately after your session ends. A presenter must be present at your poster for all the session duration. If possible, more than one author should attend the session to aid in presentations and discussions, and to provide the presenters with the chance to rest or briefly view other posters. Prepare a short presentation of about 5 or 10 minutes that you can periodically give to those assembled around your poster throughout the poster session. If you need extra presentation materials, such as a video display or computer, you are required to bring them yourself; note that any equipment used in the poster area should be battery- operated, since power will not be provided on the floor.

Demo Presentation Guidelines

The presenter is to be stationed by his/her demo, show the demonstration, and answer questions from audiences. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audiences in discussion. The presenters are to report to the Session Chairs and set up their demos before the start of the session. All demos must be dismantled after the demo session.

Demonstrators are required to bring their own computing equipment and any additional network, display, sensor, etc. hardware needed for the demonstration. All presenters will be provided with a place for their demos, a table (120 cm x 60 cm), poster board (see Poster presentation above for size), Internet access (conference shared wi-fi only) and a power outlet (230 V 50Hz, see Italian power plug details here).