ICME 2015 Call for Grand Challenges

ICME 2015 Grand Challenges is an industry-sponsored program at the ICME 2015 Conference that consist of multimedia-related contests. Each contest is organized by one or more industry sponsors.

The contests are intended to be challenging as well as entertaining, and may provide cash awards. Both individuals and teams are welcome to participate in the contests.

Winners of each contest will be invited to participate in a final Grand Challenge presentation and award ceremony at ICME 2015.

ICME 2015 is inviting proposals for its Grand Challenges program. To submit a proposal for a Grand Challenge, please submit your proposal to the ICME 2015 workshop chairs at icme2015workshops@gmail.com. A proposal template is available here. Proposals can be submitted at any time but no later than Mar. 30, 2015, and they will be evaluated as they come.

Check out the Grand Challenges which have been admitted to ICME 2015 here